Hi people!

This is my first blog post and what better way to introduce me to this space is to talk about some of my current favourites?

February is a short, cold and dark month – at least here in Denmark. As we are speaking, it is full of snow, siberian cold and -12 degrees celcius outside!! So my favourites for this month is all about self care, Netflix shows and “hygge” 🙂

Back in january I bought this massive “Glow” kit by Ole Henriksen with lots of creams and cleansers. Next year I am turning 30 (!!) so I guess it is about time to really focus on skincare and self love.. meh! Anyhow.. In this kit I have found two absolute favourites..: One is the Truth Serum! I use this in the morning after my cleanser but before my day cream. It provides moisture, is filled with vitamin c and collagen, and should be really good for your skin.. But most of all – the scent! It smells so good of oranges and is very welcome into my morning routine.

Two is the Transform Eye Gel. It has a really funny formula but smells just as good as the serum above. Now this does not smell of oranges, but of cucumber. I know it sounds funny, but to be fair.. I use this in the evening and do not want it to be refreshing like the orange smell would provide. It smells calming and is so cooling on the skin. It is divine!

As you might can guess, smells mean a whole lot to me. I can get sick if there is a bad smell. Even scented candles can get me sick! But that is a whole other story 🙂

Another smell I really like, is a christmas gift I got from my hubbies parents. It is the Sí perfume by Giorgio Armani. It smells so good and suits nearly everybody. My mom and sister like (and use) it as well. It has notes of freesia and rose. I am normally not into the flower scents, but this is gorgeous!

Back in fall time we bought a new sofa. A light grey one but did not find any pillows that would match and we liked. So we spent the whole winter time with a pillow less sofa! I know.. First world problems! One day we were in the mall, Stefan noticed some pillows in a shop and we had to get in. That. never. happens. So we got in and we both fell in love with these pillows. It was the Hay Dot pillows. We decided to go for the red ones as they would match perfectly with the light grey sofa. And they did! They are so comfortable – I have slept on them nearly everyday since 🙂

Now it is so cold outside, we really fancy to watch TV shows at home. That is our kind of “hygge”. One of my favourite shows on Netflix this month has been “Last Man on Earth”. It is a really funny TV show where you follow Phil in the beginning. There has been a virus all over the world – there is nobody left except him. Or he thinks. But I will not spoil that! It is a funny tragidy and I have not seen anything like that before.

Another one has been “Somebody feed Phil”. It is a documentary where you follow Phil (another Phil – not the Phil from above) Rosenthal. He is visiting cities around the world and taste their local food. It is so interesting for a foodie like me to watch.

Lastly but not least..: Queer Eye! It is the Fab 5 who transform different men into their true selves. It is so heartwarming to see and I have cried happy tears to every episode. I watched the whole season in 24 hours and I cannot wait for more. My two favourites in the show is Tan and Antoni. Even though I loooove Jonathans attitude 🙂





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