Rye Panini

Hello hello hellooo Yesterday I wanted an easy but delicious lunch on my day off. It ended up with this panini made of rye bread.. Because you know.. carbs! In the panini I used some havarti cheese, tomato and my favourite..: the avocado. It was delicious! And easy! 🙂


Hi people! This is my first blog post and what better way to introduce me to this space is to talk about some of my current favourites? February is a short, cold and dark month – at least here in Denmark. As we are speaking, it is full of snow, siberian cold and -12 degrees celcius outside!! So my favourites for this month is all about self care, Netflix shows and “hygge” 🙂 Back in january I bought this massive “Glow” kit by Ole Henriksen with lots of creams and cleansers. Next year I am turning 30 (!!) so I guess it is about time to really focus on skincare and self love.. meh! Anyhow.. In this kit I have…